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Arinda IT is at the forefront of revolutionising high-speed internet access (HSIA) services. As the most important facility to the modern consumer, we are dedicated to designing, delivering and managing secure networks that provide optimum speed, reliability and scalability to suit the unique needs of our clients and their business structures. In order to achieve this, Arinda deliver customised information systems based on a user-friendly, feature-rich platform that requires minimal maintenance. Our wireless systems are also designed to adapt to manual or automatic payment processing in a managed or self-regulated environment. In recognition of our superior services, Arinda IT were awarded the Australian Telecommunications User Group (ATUG) award for Innovative Broadband Solution in acknowledgment of our market-leading software platform.

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Arinda’s Wireless Internet Solutions are perfect for:

  • General Business Offices
  • Cafes, Bars, Pubs & Restaurants
  • Retail & Shopping Malls
  • Medical Centres
  • Hotels, Motels & Airbnb
  • Schools
  • Public Venues

More Than Just Another Wireless Hotspots

Entice new customers, increase brand loyalty and create new revenue possibilities for your business with a Wireless HotSpot solution from Arinda IT.

Today, utilising a Wireless HotSpot could effectively mean a greater return for your business or losing a loyal customer to a digitally savvy competitor.

A fast and scalable WiFi Solutions for services oriented businesses is no longer a value added service, but rather a must for a modern customer.

A robust WiFi Solution is the backbone of any future IoT and Predictive Analytics opportunities for your business.

Arinda IT are providing solutions that meet the rising demand of todays customer to be connected anywhere and everywhere. Whilst functionality and user experience are central to the way we design our networks, we also ensure consistent maximisation of security measures to protect the private and personal information of you and your customers.

Guest Wifi

Consistent with the changing way people interact with the internet, being equipped to offer superior Guest WiFi services is becoming more important than ever before. Whether for business or pleasure, guests want to be connected which is why Arinda’s award-winning gateway devices are created to provide an exceptional, easy-to-use interface that consistently delivers on our superior service. So how do we do this? Arinda IT delivers Guest WiFi solutions that are scalable, secure and simple to maintain whilst also being centred around enhanced experience. Through designing and supporting tailored WiFi solutions, we assist our clients to provide a better user experience that promotes reliability and heightened customer satisfaction.

Social Wifi

Make your customer interactions timely, relevant and meaningful with invaluable analytics from Arinda’s Social WiFi solutions. Arinda provide a fast and dependable network that integrates with most social media networks to facilitate collation of information regarding user behaviour. Through utilising a customised login page authentication, we can achieve a deep customer understanding that allows your business to make evidence-based decisions regarding spatial planning, customer relationship management and ultimate digital engagement. Notwithstanding opportunities for targeted and highly personalised marketing campaigns, but it can also provide insights such as when and where someone is in your venue as well as other relevant demographic and situational data.

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