What to expect from a Managed IT Service Provider

It can be extremely frustrating when your business encounters an IT issue that impacts productivity. However, if the same issue prevents your employees from actually performing their roles, you may as well start throwing money down the toilet. But how do you prevent such disasters? You need a Managed Service!

An IT Managed Service enables your business to outsource your IT operations to a service provider also known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). By contracting an outsourced MSP through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you essentially relinquish the responsibility for around the clock monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution relating to your IT system. Within an SLA, your service will generally include issue alerts, security, patch management, data backup and recovery for a range of client devices (including laptops, desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems, networks and applications).

So why is it necessary? As we’ve all experienced, technology tends to have a mind of its own at the worst possible times so having an MSP can help you to sidestep many IT related problems, generally before you’re even aware of the issue. More than this, any issues that do occur then become the responsibility of your MSP – meaning potential issues will be resolved quicker and with less of the hassle.

Things you can expect to be included in your SLA:

  • Day to day IT operation support
  • Data backup
  • Data storage
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Virtual CIO
  •  IT Consulting

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Implementation
  • Security and Protection
  • Patches and Updates
  • IT Support
  • Proactive Monitoring

At Arinda IT, we understand that having a solid and reliable IT system in place is crucial to the operation and efficiency of your business. For this reason, our Managed IT Services plans are based around consistently providing a proactive service of the highest standard that detects any issues before they effect productivity or workflow.

As an experienced and professional/sophisticated/skilled/proficient managed IT services provider, we will assist and resolve any IT issues your business might face, allowing you to capitalise on your infrastructure and get back to what you do best – your business.

So what are the benefits of having a Managed IT Service through Arinda IT?

Reduced IT Costs – Ongoing maintenance costs less than repairing issues after they have already occurred.

Complete Monitoring – By providing a complete monitoring service around the clock every day of the year, we are able to reduce any down time and prevent future issues through early detection.

Decrease Down Time – Restoration of entire servers can be completed in just minutes with server back-ups being completed in near-real-time increments and stored both on- and offsite.

Unlimited Phone Support – With the ability to use remote helpdesk software, Arinda IT are equipped to fix any problems your business may encounter – without having to do a thing yourself.

Unlimited Onsite Support – If an issue requires a tech on site, never fear as this is all included in our Managed IT Services plan – at no additional cost to you!

Regular Reports – Like to know where you stand? With Arinda IT, you will receive a monthly report including a detailed breakdown of any support calls, issues that may need to be addressed and a general update on the overall health of your IT system.

Reduce Accounting Costs with Set Fees – Our fees are fixed, meaning you receive the ultimate, most comprehensive IT service without the chance of a nasty surprise come billing time.

IT Service Level Agreement – Be guaranteed with Arinda IT! Our SLA encompasses stringent Response Time Guarantees, Satisfaction Guarantees and stipulates generous penalties should we fall short of these conditions (not that we ever do!)

What to look for in a Managed Service Provider:

As with any industry, not all Managed Service Providers offer the same high-quality services. If you’re considering approaching an MSP for your business, be sure your agreement includes the following:

Network Administration – Most Service Level Agreements will encompass general network admin – including server and storage maintenance and rectification of standard or regular issues.

Helpdesk Support – Helpdesk support is another service that will be included in most agreements however it is generally up to you to stipulate the hours within which you may request help. If you have employees who often work outside regular business hours and may require assistance during these times, an additional fee may be incurred.

Network Monitoring – Within your SLA, you will want to ensure that network and vulnerability monitoring are included. With various avenues now available to achieve this, your MSP should be able to keep watch over your network at all times – even when away from the office.

Backups – In today’s digital society, we need not preach the importance of data backups. If any kind of data is important to your business (we’re almost positive that it is), then it seems logical to pass this responsibility on to your MSP.

24/7 Disaster Recovery – What happens if your server fails? With a 24/7 Disaster Recovery service, your MSP should be able to transfer your backed-up data to replacement hardware swiftly and before it impacts the operation of your business – even if this means accessing your office in the middle of the night.

Internet Security – Within any SLA, your provider should at very least be offering web security software for your business. However, having a centrally managed cloud antivirus solution will give you total internet security and complete peace of mind about the safety of your business.

Policy Assistance – Information security becomes even more important for businesses once they begin to expand. For this reason, policies and procedures relating to information security, data protection and employee monitoring are vital, especially where you might have a legal obligation to do so. To make things simple, you should be able to integrate the production and management of such policies into your SLA, so make sure to query this with your potential MSP.

If you’re concerned about keeping your business safe, contact the team at Arinda IT today! Our honest and highly trained staff are always here and happy to help!



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