Taking your business to the next level with Wireless Hotspots and Guest WiFi

Taking your business to the next level with Wireless Hotspots and Guest WiFi

Taking your business to the next level with Wireless Hotspots and Guest WiFi

It’s no secret that in 2018, people want to be connected. Whether it’s at work, at home, at lunch, in transit, on a holiday or just about anywhere else, society is begging for better connectivity. Whilst our reasons for gaining access may differ substantially, the underlying theme is really the need for superior internet access that promotes accessibility, usability and reliability. As a tangible business operating in an online world, if you’re not maximising technology to enhance the experience of your customers, you’ve already fallen behind.

So what can you do? By employing a Wireless Hotspot or Guest WiFi solution from Arinda IT, we can help you to attract new customers, build brand loyalty and generate alternate revenue opportunities for your business.

Wireless Hotspots

As such an essential service offering to todays’ consumer, employing a Wireless Hotspot for your business can ultimately reap greater rewards for your business in terms of ROI. This is largely due to the fact that your customers are likely to spend more time in your venue and subsequently spend more money purchasing your goods and/or services. So what is a Wireless Hotspot?

Essentially, a Wireless Hotspot is a physical site where people can access the internet via a wireless local area network (WLAN) and generally utilises WiFi technology.

As experts in our field, the team at Arinda are masters at designing and employing bespoke and feature-rich internet systems that facilitate superior experiences and user roaming. Although functionality is paramount to the way we create our systems, we also retain a strong focus on security optimisation to ensure your business and customer information is consistently protected.

From SME’s and minimalist systems to large-scale enterprise solutions provisioning city-wide networks, Arinda IT are at the forefront of providing superior internet connectivity on a global scale.

Guest WiFi

With the rising demand for better connectivity among guests, being in a position to offer quick and reliable internet access can place you well ahead of the pack when it comes to your competitors. Regardless of why they need to be online, providing Guest WiFi that offers speedy and consistent connectivity means a better user experience and ultimately, a happier guest. So what’s the difference between normal WiFi and Guest WiFi?

A guest WiFi network is a wireless router feature that allows you to offer simple “guest” access to your internet. Through providing users with a Service Set Identifier (SSID), you can ensure that guests are unable to gain access to your main network which houses your local network resources (including your business devices such as computers and printers) whilst still providing them with a high-level service.

At Arinda IT, our Guest WiFi solutions are focused around providing intuitive interfaces that are fast, reliable and simple to use. Through better scoping and planning capabilities, our specialist team are able to assist clients by offering heightened experiences to their guests.

Arinda IT – A better solution for your business

Entrusting the team at Arinda IT for all your internet requirements means never worrying about a thing. Being at the forefront of high-speed internet access (HSIA) services, we are committed to designing, delivering and managing protected networks to suit the distinctive needs of our unique clients. With experience and security dictating the way we work, you can be confident that staff, customers and guests alike will notice the difference with Arinda.

Benefits of working with Arinda IT:

 Scalable business solutions
 Comprehensive technical support
 Superior connectivity & coverage
 Maximise efficiency and minimise downtime
 Fully managed services allow total peace of mind
 100% control of your system

If you’re keen to discuss better internet options for your business, contact our friendly team today and find out how we can help on 1300 882 780

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