Saving your business from data disaster

In the event of a data breach, service disruption or cyber-security threat, what would happen to your business? Your identity? Your industry reputation? What would your clients say?

Preparing for a data disaster after the fact is like pulling out your umbrella after standing in the rain… utterly pointless. By this time, chances are it has already impacted workflow, customer service and profitability – not to mention time and money sent straight down the drain. As potentially your most valuable business asset, safeguarding your digital data is more important than ever before. To help protect you and your business, here are our top tips to prevent a data disaster.

Devise a Contingency Plan


If you lost access to your data, would your business continue to be operational? Whether it be from human error, software malfunction or a natural disaster, it’s so important to have a contingency plan in place in the unfortunate event that your business data becomes compromised. Although we hope to never encounter such issues, having a solid plan encompassing everything from prevention to rectification can ultimately allow you to alleviate undesirable outcomes and allow your business to recover more quickly. So what should be included in your contingency plan? At very least, your plan should encompass the following:

Data backup plan

What data is crucial to the operation of your business? Having a solid backup plan helps to establish which data is vital, how it needs to be stored and how it should be recovered.

Data recovery plan

What systems will you need in order to make your backed-up data readable? Pinpointing critical systems and forming strategies to restore these as quickly as possible will allow you to reduce inoperable business time.

Deployment plan

Who will control each part of your contingency plans? Knowing what role each employee is expected to play will allow your contingency plan to roll out seamlessly without confusion in regard to individual expectation. Of course, for functions such as data retrieval or restoration you’ll want to appoint someone relatively high in the business hierarchy to ensure private or sensitive data is handled with the utmost care to ensure complete security.

Prepare your employees

In addition to developing a plan for when things do go wrong, it’s important that your employees have sufficient training and understanding of the risks involved with business data. With information being the most valuable asset for many businesses, ensuring your staff are aware of data vulnerabilities and subsequent mitigation strategies to avoid preventable data breaches or losses is now paramount. Keeping staff well informed and prepared to execute your contingency plan is also vital to ensuring that any data issues are contained swiftly and without unnecessary disruption to your business.

Cloud Backup

Prolonged periods of inaccessible business data can seriously damage any business, especially where it prevents staff from conducting usual duties. For this reason, cloud backup services have been a major advancement in IT for all industries. Cloud backup has transformed the way we are able to store and recover data, allowing us the convenience of accessing it anywhere, anytime. At Arinda IT, we recognise that loss of data has the potential to damage not only your business workflow but it’s reputation as well, which is why we offer convenient yet effective Cloud Backup and Data Recovery services. With 24/7 monitoring and recovery capabilities, combined with award winning software deployment and assistance from highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians, preserving your business data is easier than ever before.

Talk to Arinda IT

Data backup isn’t the only thing you can do to ensure the safety of your information. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your data is to contract a reputable managed IT service provider who can save you time and money through optimising appropriate technologies. As a market leader in business IT solutions, Arinda IT are proud to provide comprehensive Managed IT Services centred around quality and proactivity, allowing us to identify issues before they disrupt your business operations. Our team of specialists can optimise your IT infrastructure and alleviate potential vulnerabilities including data breaches and service disruption through offering scalable, flexible and highly customisable solutions to suit unique business needs.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late!

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