Protecting your network against malicious activity

Protecting your network against malicious activity

How secure is your business network? Whilst we’ve all heard about large-scale data breaches, hacking and cyberattacks in the media, most of us are still of the naïve belief that it’ll never happen to me.

With the increasing reliance we have on digital information and the networks in which they’re housed/accessed, it’s important to realise that data vulnerability has increased comparatively – and so too should our security measures. However, it’s not just threats from people we need to be aware of; threats to your data can materialise through unfriendly viruses and malware or even through your email and web browsing activity. So if you’re thinking my data isn’t valuable enough to be infiltrated – think again.

So how can you increase your data security in order to protect your business?

You need a private network!

What is a private network?

In order to understand private networks, let’s first get a brief understanding of public networks.

A public network is a type of network that is accessible to the general public and enables connection to the internet or other networks. As there are limited restrictions on public networks, users need to be cautious of the potential security risks involved with accessing them.

A private network, on the other hand, is a type of network that regulates access through established entry point restrictions. This is to ensure that only those who are supposed to have access can actually enter the network. So how does this work? Most commonly used in corporate networks, in order to safeguard your network, all traffic attempting to access it must pass through a single point of entry where it will be assessed in order to determine whether access should be granted or denied. You can think of this like a security checkpoint you might pass through at the airport or a stadium where personnel check bags and direct you through a metal detector to determine whether or not you pose a security risk. Having a single-entry point allows us to maximise security measures by monitoring and controlling all activity, ensuring we are aware of all users entering the network.

Although a private network is typically managed on-site, it doesn’t necessarily limit you to a physical location; often multiple business offices choose to connect to a single private network through private addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) – meaning none of your private business data ever passes through the internet.

 Benefits of a private network


Private networks are designed to allow only users with proper authorisation to gain access.  This is achieved through offering a single point of entry that requires users to undergo stringent security screening processes before access is granted. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of having a private network for your business. Traffic navigating the gateway is heavily reduced and requires a single line of traffic rather than multiple gateway entry points – meaning a more detailed and systematic security screening process can take place. Not only does this allow far greater security for your client and business data, but also allows closer monitoring of activity taking place within your private network.


Heightened information security isn’t the only benefit to having a private network for your organisation. While a public network can be likened to a busy highway that experiences both free flowing and gridlock traffic, a private network is like driving your own private highway that no one else can access – allowing a faster, more efficient experience for you and your team.

Is a private network expensive?

So how much will a private network cost to acquire? In general, a private network will set you back no more than a standard business internet service. Whatever will be the most cost-effective connectivity solution for office, our team can customise a solution to suit your unique business needs.

Better solutions with Arinda IT!

At Arinda IT, we use a consultative approach to save you time and money through efficient deployment of appropriate technologies. Our team of engineers and IT specialists are proficient at optimising networks to mitigate threats to your business, including hacking, data breaches and operational disruption in addition to other vulnerabilities that may lead to a decline in business productivity, loss of revenue and even damage to your reputation.

If you’re ready to increase your data security, mitigate security vulnerabilities and safeguard your business, contact the experts at Arinda IT today to discuss a better solution for your business – 1300 882 780 or sales@arinda.com.au

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