Managed IT Services

We understand that having a solid and reliable IT system in place is crucial: to the operation and efficiency of your business, no matter the size of your organisation or the industry in which you operate. For this reason, we are proud to offer superior Managed IT Services focused around quality/security and proactivity – meaning we can detect issues before they effect productivity or workflow. We offer a range of services including:

  • Managed IT Solutions
  • Wifi
  • Wireless Surveys
  • Data backup and storage
  • Office 365
  • Voip
  • IT Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Implementation
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hospitality Wifi
  • Security and Protection

Let us help you with all things IT.

Proactively managing your IT

As an experienced and professional managed IT services provider, Arinda IT will assist and resolve any IT issues your business might face, allowing you to capitalise on your infrastructure and get back to what you do best – your business. Our goal is to serve as an extension of your business – your “go-to” for all things IT. Because we work closely with our clients, we get to know your business and your industry. This allows us to focus on providing solutions that are appropriate for you now and with a view to the future of your industry too. Through using a consultative approach, Arinda IT can save your business time and money through better use of appropriate technologies. Our team of engineers and technical specialists will help to optimise your network and mitigate potential threats including data breaches and service disruption as well as identify fraud which may lead to productivity decline, financial loss and brand damage.

What makes Arinda IT different to other IT providers?

Arinda can tailor the perfect solution to suit your organisation’s needs. Talk to us today.

  • Flexible support options based on your needs – pay as you go, prepaid, fully managed or data backups
  • Fixed, all-inclusive cost based on number of devices meaning IT spend is easily budgeted
  • Experienced IT Helpdesk with guaranteed response times
  • Unlimited on-site and remote support
  • Managed offsite backups
  • Comprehensive 24/7 server monitoring and alerting of critical systems
  • Monthly reporting
  • Proactive solution where problems are identified and fixed before they occur
  • Fully Integrated Service System meaning faster action & response time within priority-based service levels.

We put the people before the technology.

Why Arinda IT?

Our Managed IT Services plans are based around the idea that providing a solid and reliable IT setup is crucial to your business computers running efficiently. We have alerting systems in place which can detect IT issues before they impact your business productivity.

Reduced IT Costs

Ongoing maintenance is much less costly than repairing problems as they come on a break-fix model.

Complete Monitoring

We actively monitor several hundred IT parameters 24/7/365 to heavily reduce down time and so that future emergencies or computer problems can be averted by early detection.

Decrease Down Time

Complete server backups in close to real-time increments with servers kept onsite and offsite. Restoration for entire servers and/or files can be completed in minutes!

Unlimited Phone Support

Feel free to contact our office for any IT support issues! We use remote helpdesk software so we can fix problems on the spot without having to guide your employees to do anything themselves.

Unlimited Onsite Support

If a problem requires us to come on site, you can rest assured that it will be included in your Managed IT Services plan at no extra cost.

Regular Reports

You are sent a report each month detailing a breakdown of support calls, important issues and the general health status of your IT system.

Reduce Accounting Costs with Set Fees

You will not receive any unexpected surprises at billing time, we have made our Managed IT Services plan as unlimited as it can be!

IT Service Level Agreement

Our SLA includes strict Response Time Guarantees, Satisfaction Guarantees and outlines generous penalties if conditions are broken (not that they ever are!).

Call 1300 882 780 or email us to see how we can help.

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