Make Your Business Stand Out with Social Wifi

In today’s digital age, there are boundless ways for online businesses to capitalise on consumer insights and marketing analytics. However, for retail, hospitality and other shop-front industries, collecting consumer data, adapting insights into targeted campaigns and converting interactions into transactions is far more difficult… Unless you’ve got Social Wifi!

So what exactly is Social Wifi?

Social Wifi is essentially a Wifi hotspot that enables users to connect to your internet via their social media accounts. Utilising protocol developed by social media companies in order to promote extended use of their platforms, Social Wifi offers consumers the advantage of staying connected for free, whilst businesses reap the benefits from increased customer data at their disposal. So how is it different than Wifi hotspots we’ve seen in the past? Unlike traditional wireless hotspots, Social Wifi doesn’t require users to obtain login details to access the network. For customers to quickly and easily access your Wifi, they simply login via their preferred social account and are subsequently granted access.

Benefits to your customers

As quick and accessible Wifi connectivity is increasingly important to society in general, offering a safe and secure platform that requires minimal time and effort, and no financial outlay is remarkably enticing to users. Not only does it allow them to save on data usage, but also minimises connectivity barriers often otherwise faced, prompting customers to experience an increased sense of satisfaction through accessing a superior service at the touch of a button.

Benefits to your business

So what are the benefits to your business? Providing a Social Wifi network to your customers offers many great benefits to businesses, including increasing your social media following, gaining access to invaluable customer insights, creating specific and targeted marketing efforts and building brand loyalty.

Increase Following

To enable access to your network, users are prompted to like or follow your page – meaning that every time someone connects to your Wifi, your social media following increases comparatively.

Gain Access to Invaluable Insights

For traditional businesses that don’t have a substantial online presence (and therefore minimal online data to leverage), offering Social Wifi allows your business to gain access to invaluable customer insights such as demographics, contact information, social media contacts and one of the most valuable – location-based analytics.

Location analytics provide deeper insights into individual profiles, demographics, traffic patterns and dwell times, in addition to loads of other relevant situational data. So why is this information so valuable? The short answer: to build targeted promotions and marketing campaigns.

Social Wifi Accessible Insights

  • Demographics
  • How frequently they utilise your network
  • Email addresses (if publically shared)
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Dwell times
  • Gender breakdowns

Creating Specific & Targeted Marketing Efforts

Having all this consumer data at hand is great, but what can you do with it? Social Wifi requires users to give permission to be marketed to when they connect, meaning you can quickly and easily collate customer data in order to create specific and targeted marketing efforts that appeals to your audiences. In addition to targeting direct users, data collected through your network can also allow you to direct your efforts towards their family and friends as well – allowing you to promote your business to a wider audience in real time. This can be done in a number of ways, some of the simplest of which include monthly emails, social promotions or discount vouchers.

Building loyalty

Last but definitely not least is brand loyalty. Aside from the fact that offering quick and easy WiFi access provides an incentive for repeat customers, having a familiar platform that offers simple, two-way communication allows you to respond quickly to customer feedback and provide benefits to those users who frequent your service.

Social Wifi from Arinda IT

As a leading provider of high-speed internet access services, Arinda IT are devoted to planning, producing, and maintaining secure networks that boast optimum speed, reliability and scalability. To guarantee our clients are able to maximise their network, we are able to offer fast and reliable Social Wifi networks that integrate seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, allowing our customers to collect important data regarding user behaviour.  Through employing a customised login page, businesses are able to understand their customers in a new and meaningful way, subsequently allowing businesses to make evidence-based decisions concerning spatial planning, customer relationship management and customer engagement.

Transform your everyday customer interactions into specific, targeted and meaningful marketing campaigns through invaluable insights through Social Wifi!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can facilitate a greater customer experience that offers mutual benefit to you and your users, get in touch with our expert team today on 1300 882 780 or sales@arinda.com.au.



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