How your business could benefit from a wireless audit

How your business could benefit from a wireless audit

How secure is your company’s wireless network? Whilst many businesses are unable to answer this question, the inability to do so generally means that a wireless network audit should be considered. Consistent with the changing way we access the internet, having a solid, reliable and secure network for your business allows you to provide the best connectivity possible to your staff and clients alike.

So what is a wireless audit?

Essentially, wireless auditing is the verification process in which we are able to determine exactly how secure your wireless network is. As data breaches and hacking become an increasing concern for businesses around the world, conducting a wireless audit can help to ensure the security of your precious business information as well as promoting network optimisation for efficient workflow.

Does my business need a wireless audit?

There are many reasons your business might require a wireless audit, some of which include:

  • Verifying existing network
  • Informing/understanding your network and its vulnerabilities
  • Experiencing frequent issues that disrupt workflow
  • Business requirements have changed since installing the network
  • Considering a network overhaul or upgrade

Inferior wireless infrastructure has the potential to negatively affect your business in the following ways:

  • Poor security leading to data breaches
  • Slow connectivity & access points
  • Frequent disconnection
  • Direct connection allowing unsecured access

Benefits of conducting a wireless audit:

1. Know where you stand – Inform/understand current vulnerabilities

Through conducting a wireless audit, we are able to assess the security posture of your WLAN and ascertain whether there are any vulnerabilities within your setup in order to facilitate increased security and mitigate any risk of breach.

2. Diagnose & resolve – Achieve maximum security

Once we know where you stand, diagnosing and resolving any pre-existing issues becomes simple, allowing us to achieve maximum security for your wireless infrastructure.

3. Optimise your network – security, speed & reliability

After diagnosis and resolution has been achieved, the focus then turns to optimising your network in order to mitigate potential risks and to ensure that network speed and reliability are supporting the requirements of your business. Optimising networks also allows you to achieve increased productivity within your business without the distractions or downtime that are often associated with defective networks.

So what does your wireless audit entail?

Through contacting a specialist team like Arinda to conduct a wireless audit for your business, you can expect to receive a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and remediation proposal as well as a solid plan for optimising your network.

Initially, the team will evaluate your existing infrastructure design and implementation to ensure appropriate structure and operation. External factors potentially affecting your service will also be analysed to mitigate any avoidable negative outcomes. Subsequently, the team will conduct a comprehensive site survey and spectral analysis to determine the strength of your signal through visualising radio frequencies. Any diagnosed issues will then be evaluated and reported back to you, along with recommendations for remediation.

  • Evaluation of current design & application
  • Evaluation of all factors influencing current service
  • Comprehensive Site Survey
  • Performance & roaming analyses
  • Identification of issues
  • Analysis of findings, report and recommendations for further action

Auditing with Arinda IT – Better wireless solutions for your business

As arguably the most valuable facility to the modern business (and consumer), Arinda IT are proud to offer superior high-speed internet access that promotes optimum speed, reliability and scalability to achieve better outcomes for your business. With a multitude of experience evaluating, designing, deploying and managing secure networks, our team are able to provide tailored systems focused around heightened user experience and minimal maintenance. Through conducting your wireless audit with one of our expert technicians, we are able to achieve customised solutions that integrate and support the individual needs of your operation.

Benefits of Having an Arinda Wireless Solution for Your Business

  • We offer scalable & customised business solutions – because every business is unique
  • We provide unlimited technical support to ensure your network continues to run smoothly
  • We offer a superior level of coverage to provide better connectivity to your staff and guests
  • We have the capacity to offer a Fully Managed Service, allowing you the peace of mind that you’re always protected
  • We assist you to please guests with superior connectivity and speed
  • We facilitate heightened workflow and efficiency by enabling staff to get back to business
  • We consistently provide you with up-to-date reports on the health of your network – allowing you total control!

Whether you have 5 staff or 50, safeguarding your network could ultimately mean the safety of your business. If you would like to better understand your network, achieve maximum security and optimise for better workflow, get in touch with the specialist team at Arinda IT today for your free wireless audit – 1300 882 780

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