Getting your business up in the cloud

Getting your business up in the cloud

How does your business currently manage data security and its vulnerabilities? Regardless of size or the industry in which you operate, there is no doubt that the safety of your business, client and employee information is imperative to smooth operation and workflow – not to mention your reputation. So if a data breach, service disruption or security threat were to occur, how well could you manage the aftermath? In absence of a definitive answer, now may be the time to consider implementing a cloud-based storage and backup solution for your business. In addition to heightened security for your data, the cloud offers a range of benefits to business operations of all shapes and sizes. To give you a better idea of the cloud and it’s features, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons you should be getting your business up in the cloud.

1. Heightened security

Unlike data saved directly to devices and physical servers, storing your important business information to a cloud-based solution increases the level of storage security, especially in cases where it might fall into the wrong hands. Should your devices (such as laptops or work phones) become compromised, protecting data stored in the cloud is as simple as deleting or moving the files and can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Conversely, unauthorised access of cloud platforms is extremely difficult to achieve, allowing heightened security and peace of mind for your sacred business data.

2. Reduced & controlled costs

Implementing and managing data centres and other means of data storage can be immensely expensive, especially where you might need to acquire the assistance of various industry professionals. This is one of the many reasons cloud-based solutions are becoming so popular; as providers generally charge based on features such as storage, memory, number of authorised users and other applicable factors, implementing a cloud-based solution for your business can greatly assist with reducing and controlling storage costs.

3. Scalability

Anticipating and preparing for business growth is extremely challenging to achieve until some level of expansion begins to take place. Even then, it’s difficult to predict the extent to which you might grow and how quickly it could occur. For this reason, many businesses are either over or under prepared for this phase of the business lifecycle. With the implementation of cloud computing services, upgrading or downsizing your storage capacity and associated features can be achieved within minutes of a quick phone call to your provider – meaning you’re always prepared for what business might have in store.

4. Mobility

How useful would it be for you and your employees to have access to business data from home, during travel or out in the field? As cloud services are accessible anywhere you can connect to the internet, working remotely or on the go is now both incredibly simple and secure. More than this, effectively monitoring business operations from anywhere in the world is achievable through real time updates offered by most cloud service providers, meaning total transparency within your business.

5. No more physical backups

Before the advent of cloud back up services, businesses were required to continually back up data to physical storage units to ensure the safety of their information. In the absence of such processes, the threat of experiencing permanent data loss can be a very real possibility should a disaster occur. For businesses utilising the power of the cloud, however, all business data is safe and accessible so long as you have the ability to get online. For many businesses, the cloud is also a primary method of backing up information to ensure quick and simple recovery should a disaster or breach occur.

Getting your business up in the cloud with Arinda IT

With so many cloud solutions now available, sifting through and deciding which provider to go with can be somewhat of a chore. For this reason, Arinda IT are proud to offer comprehensive cloud backup and data recovery services for a range of business size and structures. Our helpful and reliable support staff are ready to assist in finding a better solution with a competitive rate to suit your individual cloud requirements. With secure data centres housing your information, safeguarding your business information and mitigating risk is more achievable than ever before.

So what makes our cloud backup services a cut above the rest?

At Arinda, our cloud solutions are driven by Software giant StorageCraft, allowing us to offer a range of services suited to different business types. We also pride ourselves on our ability to offer a speedy setup of your system as well as swift recovery times should an issue occur in the future. This is achieved through our 24/7 monitoring system which notifies us in real time if there might be a concern with the backup process. Consistently, our team also offer a 24/7 disaster recovery service that allows you and your employees to get back to work sooner – even if it means a trip to your office after hours. Moreover, to ensure complete safety of your business data, Arinda IT provide a Hybrid Remote Backup Service, meaning your data is stored both on and off site, allowing heightened security and painless data recovery.

Mitigate risk through a proactive approach to data storage and recovery with a cloud-based solution from Arinda IT! To have a chat about scalable and flexible cloud solutions for your business, get in touch with our team today on 1300 882 780 or via this link.

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